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Proof of Technology (POT)

The POT is your chance to be a rock star … or failing that watch this video

You can easily get started and try out the Amazon Connect service on your own. You will need to set up an account and provide a credit card but with the Free Tier and some common sense you won’t incur any charges.

Our top tips are:

5. Give yourself 20 minutes … rushing won’t cut it
4. Concentrate on building a test case … the easier the better
3. Persist … you can’t break it
2. Challenge yourself … drag and drop some flows
1. Try it out … get it working!

Proof of Concept (POC)

The POC is where we prove the technology and its value to your business by applying it to real use cases. You might elect to replicate todays service, you’ll probably at least tweak todays processes or perhaps you’ll innovate and re-imagine customer engagement.  It’s all possible with the 4 step ScoutTECH methodology of Define, Design, Configure and Evaluate. We’ve applied this approach from years of experience so you can trust the process.

Pilot to Production (P2P)

Typically this phase – Pilot to Production (P2P) – follows a successful Proof of Concept (POC) although with the right governance it’s reasonable to bypass P2P and go straight to Implementation. P2P is about road testing the POC with real people (customers or employees), measuring the results and determining the change impact of the new tech on everyone.


Our methodology is proven from years of cloud technology implementations and relies on core foundations of governance, communication, clarification of roles and responsibilities, change management and milestone delivery. Its agile and adaptable – like a shock absorber – to manage changes that occur during the process

Managed Services

The purpose of the Managed Service is to give confidence from the professional delivery of timely support, adds/moves/changes (AMC) and guidance on the future tech journey.  It’s effective partnership and we know that comes from trust, domain expertise and transparency. We offer online support, phone support, packages of adds moves and changes (AMCs), a monthly Service Report and a dedicated Service Manager (almost like your own butler!). These services are structured into three tiers and we look forward to discussing those with you at the appropriate time.